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hi all. finnally got my bike into a useable state, as the standard rear cog with the kit was 48 teeth, it was to high and burning out my clutch, so i got a 75tooth from blow by u. put that on with difficulty, as the chain clearance from the frame was a nightmare. as being a much larger dia, it was higher up the frame and getting narrower. i solved it by making 2 new thin washers ie rag joint. from a car innertube, drilled out the thick rag joint on the inside to take much larger bolts. advantage, the sprocket fits closer to the spokes, in fact butts up against them making a truer and easier set up. no wobble. then i had to use a thick spacer washer on the gearbox out shaft behind the 11 tooth sprocket to get the chain to line up. it all had to move over towards the the centre of the bike,

now it climbs hills very well, does not seem to be any slower. but i still need to try a 9 tooth drive sprocket on the gearbox drive, as i would still like more torgue. can,t seem to get one for my hoot chain drive box.

another simple mod, no one seems to have thought of is the standard idle chain tensioner. all you have to do is make a large 1/8 thick nylon washer, place on the outside. grease the slot and face, make a small wire hook, to put around the bolt. use a nylon lock nut, back to front as the standard bolt is not long enough. and a spring at 45 deg, pulling from the v calliper mount, make a alloy frame clip to go round the frame. adjust the tightness of the nylock nut to make a nice sliding action, may need to file the slot in the bracket higher for more range, but keep it a close fit on the bolt, no play. works fantastic. it is the large nylon washer that is the secret, stops it tipping sideways, for a proffessional sliding fit. bike now reaches 30mph pretty fast, need a 9 tooth on the box though, unless i can change the sprockets in the box to get the same results.

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