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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Congrats Mapman! 2K, wow. Tell him what he has won Johnny! Johnny?

LOL, I was trying for it too. Has to be a symptom or some thing, snork.

Yesterday, long ride and picked up a part to make a sort of foot for soft ground on the kick stand. Gonna call it a "Dawgs" after you Prussian shop Dog. Is a weld-free version of yours.
The cobwebs thing really made me stop and think. I still haven't seen a head stone with "wish I spent more time working"

Gonna put the foot (Dawgs) thing on and then go for a long ride. Stop and have a beer or 2 and not work, think about work or plan on working. Except tomorrow is 2 paydays (different jobs) I may consider that, snork. Which is kinda dumb. I am only gonna sign the backs of the checks and it will be the last I see of the proceeds.

worst apocalypse ever
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