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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Rusty I am using the Spoked wheel that came with my Boxer. 32, 14 Gauge Stainless spokes into a sweet double wall aluminum heavy duty rim. The Boxer comes with a sweet rear hub! I love it! The trick is to properly tighten the spokes. What I am saying is you can have a perfectly straight wheel if the spokes are not cold set properly and preloaded with enough teinsion they will come loose in a hurry.

Loose spokes plain ol rattled loose then in turn puts undue stress on the spokes still doing the work. Thats a bad deal!

This happened to me twice. The last time I went over the whole wheel and got them pretty darn tight! It is working flawlessly so far. Old Whizzers had 14 gauge spokes on them and were fine from what I hear at Holmes Hobbies.

I had a long talk with a guy that runs Holmes Hobbies LLC / Holmes Bikes I bought spare spokes in 12 gauge against the local LBS's judgment and this guy's. The thing is not all hub flanges will except 12 gauge spokes. It so happens mine will. I plan to restring it with 14's again and tease with the idea of drilling the hub flange out.

Waiting to see how natural wear and tear goes. The million dollar question is will my 14 gauge hub holes waller out on their own? Need to see how tough they are?

After what I have learned there is no way I will let somebody re spoke my wheels I will do my own. I am very picky about the cold setting.

I had my old Morini bike set up the rear wheel never ever had spokes issues. I ran it Vy Jshaft to a N.V. wheel with monster torque I never had any spokes issues. There were times when I had that clutch stalling high into that wheel. It has about 3000 miles on it the spokes are cherry they were cold set right from the factory. Bike and I combined prolly weighed 350 pounds.
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