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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

HEY! Congrats to map on winning the P2k challenge!
...I tried for it, but just wasn't in the cards. lol

and Chris gets the motorized bicycle Odyssey 2001 runner up trophy!
...unless you are Ricky Bobby, #2 is great!

OK GH, I wanna know how your spokes are holding up to all this fun!
What wheel and spokes are you running for this blazing hp ?

I dropped my needle this morning... no bueno.
Took off the stock muffler and had a look inside... no gunkies... actually pretty darn clean and dry. I just don't think that's good for a 2 smoker...
I just might drill down to #65 as I've been advised, tomorrow, and start all over again.

Pulled the cap off the muffler and see the two baffle plates w/holes drilled in them, and can see the coiled turnings a couple inches behind them, but the two disks w/holes don't wanna come out/off the threaded rod.

How to deal with that???


Wow! over 200 pages and 2k posts! SUPER !
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