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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yesterday, i took my stock muffler off, let it hang by its hanger/clamp while i took the sbp exhaust gasket off, cleaned it, and the port. Then i cut a cardboard gasket and put it on first, then the sbp gasket, then my muffler and tightened it down good and tight. It doesn't leak anymore! I love cardboard. Sure it'll fall apart if i take it off. That's why i'm leaving it alone till it either falls apart and falls out or i want to upgrade. I tested it by going around town going throttling from little to no throttle to full throttle. I even kept it at full throttle on the long stretches. When i got back to my house nearly 2 hours later it was light'ning and i looked down to see if the cardboard held up, not one leak. Not a spot of gas/oil. Nothing. But i did hear a kinda ringing squeaking noise when i was riding. It sounded like maybe my bearings need more oil, or my clutch gears, needs more grease maybe. I'll fix that thursday hopefully.
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