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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Finally got that vibration problem fixed. Tuned out that I had a motor mount that I should have double bolted those ten mm bolts but, I just let then sit there because they way they were set up it was not easy to get that other bolt in. I got things loose by taking off the front mount off and then removing the rear Sick Bike Part adapter.I finally was able to get the engine in place and to get the engine mounted to the plate with double nuts on the engine mounts.

when I first installed it there was not was not enough room to get the nut to pass by the seat tube without moving the engine. So I tightened just those nut and let them sit there, knowing that they were going to get loose, but when.

About seven months later when my engine got to a certain level and I would feel a large buzzing and then it smoothed out at a higher RPM. Turned out that those two bolts had worked there way just a bit loose.

well I now have my Tachometer up and running again so it turns out with my new pipe the power starts a about 3000 and so far go to eight. (I don't know what the top end of these engines are but I think 8500 is redlining it.

Any body know how fast you can top out a china girl/"Happy time" motor ?

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