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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

There was a Samson ferrocement hull for sale in a nearby boatyard... forever...
Then FREE was painted on it with spraypaint in clear view...

I was working back then and had the cash to finish it.
48ft ketch... would have been just dandy to live on and I had a volvo diesel to motor it. Went and looked it over 3 or 4 times, talked with the boatyard owner... SHE wasn't going for it. not even a little bit.
Oh well.

I watched em do a refurbish on a local fishing boat in drydock with a ferrocement sheath over the old wooden hull. Came out great!

There's free boats all over the place. Always for a reason, though. my cns back to #71 and the general burbling 4 stroke is gone but it's falling flat on it's face at WOT. Probably worse than before at WOT, but better through the throttle roll-on.
I'm beginning to consider giving up on the cns.
Today it only got me 20mph past the radar sign unit.

I'm thinkin part of the prob could be cured if I built one of Rohmel's roll-your-own-CDI's. The engine has always started well, but it just never wants to zing up in rpm like most 2 strokes... in addition to the 4 stroking, it seems to be fighting itself and won't run free at hi rpm.

Only other thing I can think of besides fat, and timing, is a seriously plugged up stock exhaust pipe/muffler. This was a basket-case I bought, so I have no clue how many miles are really on it. It wasn't really well cared for.

Oily gunky mess tomorrow!
Hope to work on a basket, also.
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