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Default New to motrized bikes, considering a push trailer build.

Hello, I'm interested in seeing everyone's machines. I see motorized bikes more and more and have seen some pushers as well. Those are more like what I would want given I have a bunch of minibikes and trikes with horizontal shaft engines. I have everything I would need but the time and good weather to build one. A trip to my personal lawn edger graveyard for a frame and other parts and I should be set. Anyway I have a design in mind and it's been done already, an axle tab mounted unit rather than a seat post type. Just makes more sense to me. I have to get myself a sweet vintage cruiser first and I have a few spotted but am waiting for something with springer forks. I'll go completely through it and put fat tires and the best tubes available so I wont kill myself by being pushed along on some old nag! I'll post some pics of my edger graveyard and engine stash once I have enough posts and figure out how to navigate the site. Later........................
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