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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Okay Today, Monday the First, is the official first day on the Job.

This is why I have been working to make this bike worthy and in turn it has become admirable.

The RAW sounds so sweet and yet I can tell it likes 25 mph the best which is a fine speed going 12 miles to work in my opinion.

I have learned to adjust my brakes well and I now have a tight brake lever. It's a Dual pull.

I am waiting for the battery case for the rear Bicygnals unit so I can continue to trouble shoot that unit.

I have concerns that batteries and or temperature are the next logical steps to investigate/
The Battery case should be as nice as the brake light case but will hold 4 AA batteries where the rear unit used 4 AAA batteries. I hope isolating the power supply will abate the failure of the rear to signal.

It's still an open trouble ticket because it could be road shock but one aspect at a time. I will rule out the batteries and power supply first then work from there.
I am seriously wanting these signals to work!

Okay wish be luck.
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