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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Acraze View Post
Awesome is that the 900 buck engine? I'm scared that would be too much torque for any bicycle I buy. Im looking at the one that's 600 bones, heh I can dream.
Yep that is the 800 dollar one. Thought it was time to try a water cooled one. I love these motors.

My current BoXer from Piplyne is holding up awesome with the 9.4 S6S I got @ over 2000 miles now. I really never carry tools just a quart of extra fuel for very long journeys nothing ever comes loose.

Cranks etc came loose a couple of times seating in. I eventually personally myself set the cold setting on the rear wheel spokes when settling in now I got absolutely notta perfection! I just ride it like a horse in the Westerns relentlessly cracking the whip to both sides lol.

My 5.8 hp one never had probs with spokes ether. I sure thought it would. What I learned about spokes is if they are not teinsioned tight properly they loosen back up. I got mine pretty tight and they work perfect.

I think the guy that I let re-lace my last wheel just wanted repeat business the crooked way? I lazily tightened up loose spokes when I found them about every 300 miles. Then finally just went over all of them and no more probs since then they are as tight as I last left them.

I thought about building another bike? I think I will just get another BoXer it does everything I want it to do. I tear up the city streets with it as a main stay of transpo. With nothing to fix on this one the only best thing left for being board is build another.
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