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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

today I fond out why I was having problems with my higher end rev range and I think I may get some more useful information. it looks as though the exhaust gasket on my little 66's Skyhawks slant head got a bit loose.

It started out me losing the high and power and torque that I was used to getting out of this kit it's a slanted 66 cc Skyhawk. I do run a modified sick bike parts expansion chamber and it has served me quite well through three engines. I had to lengthen the rear part of the pipe so it would fit more easily being next to the crake. In doing so I had to lengthen other sections so that the pipe would remain "tuned". I believe I have found the reason for all of the dark oily material that winds up on my motor. It looks like the new bolts that are holding the exhaust pipe on in their aluminum gasket in place have rattled loose. I usually use two sets of nuts on each one of those bolts and it turned out that the outside nuts were still tight but the inside ones had loosened. This caused black oily used to be dumped all over the front of my engine.

The reason I even notice to all was because I wasn't getting the power I was used to getting out of it so I disassembled the pipe completely taking off the manifold and cutting less than half inch from it. I was hoping that this "tuning" will get me some more top end for the engine. This is easily accomplished because there's already a joint into the tubes with a rubber seal has clamps on either tube. So I just pulled apart l cut end of the tube off as much as I need to balance the power band were it will do more good and then hop on it and give it a ride to see if it made any difference. Unfortunately when I reassembled it I used blue lock-tight on all of my hardware and I have to wait until tomorrow until I see if it made any good.

Hopefully the lock tight will be doing its job and the manifold wont start leaking spent oil and burnt hydrocarbons all over the front of my engine. like it did in the past few days.

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