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I now have over 100 miles on the RAW and the engine sounds are changing. More a bearing sound now than the noisy clutch sound.

I get to ride 24 miles a day for work and it is out in the rural farm land mostly. Corn Fields, Dairy, and farm houses mostly.

Just one main highway I run for a couple miles but the rest is as I write.

I have to admit this RAW is much better than the first motor! I mean this RAW has that motorcycle action. I love the way it backs off the RPM.. Like a DirtBike sounds.. The first motor was no where near like this..

So the big rides are on hold as I will be needing the bike for work. This was my plan without knowing if I would work for this company but hoped I would.

I have to say things are working out really nice!

The only problems I am having is with the Bicygnals rear unit. I am still troubleshooting why it stops operating as a turn signal.
I noticed this morning in the cool of the AM that it worked for the 12 miles to work but in the heat of the afternoon it stopped working.
I'm thinking the AAA's are just not enough so I have ordered a 6V AA external with switch to try out.
If it works and it does then I figure I'm looking at the batteries or some kind of interference.

I need to update that thread.. I did a review.. Lemme get a link..

I'll update my current issues in that thread next.. Folks should know.. I need to set up and shoot a video as well.. I'm putting that off for some reason.

So my evil plan was to get a job and ride a bike to live poor for a while till the economy picks up or I win the Lotto..
Looks like I get a nice ride each day.. Have to mix it up and take different country roads..

Oh I ran one Gallon of Lucas @ 16 to 1 and now will run 2 Gallons of 24 to 1 and will drop down again aiming at 40 to one.

I want to watch how it goes and learn.
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