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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Let a buddy ride my cranbrook the other day and he left the gas on while it was parked for well over an hour. I had suspected for a couple days that the float might be sticking because I had a couple of issues with gas in the over flow tube dripping but nothing major. When we returned there was about a 5 foot gas slick and when I pushed the bike out I got on and popped it over just to see if it would fire and gas flooded out past the gasket of the clutch cover and Mag cover... Tore it down today to find that the crankcase was absolutely full of raw gas and the hydraulic action of the piston on the down stroke blew the crank seals completely out so I spent the day putting in double rim crank seals and repairing a carb and installed some better SKF crank bearings for giggles.

Good thing is that it did not affect the High density clutch pucks I have been testing one bit, I simply wiped them off and re installed and adjusted the clutch and they are performing like the day I installed them a little over 400 miles ago now.

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