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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

The new RAW motor seems to run well.

It seems more mellow than the first motor.

I do have concerns about clutch noise but I believe I will ride it a while and see if that mellows out.

My friend Dale and I modified the SBP expansion to fit and I mounted it later that day as well as installed the wonderful twin AA battery holder that powers the Brake Light. I need to shoot some video footage of that. The brake light can be seen in daylight!

Here are three photos I shot of the engine and SBP mod. You can see it's been cut and cut again.. Oh well, It will not fall apart that is for sure.

The next thing I must do is shorten the clutch cable so I will be picking up a new cable end today and will get out the cut-off disc and grinder and do that cleanly.

So now starts the new ride. It has a very strong clutch spring and more power in the low end than the previous motor. I don't know about high RPMs yet naturally.

Also I have time now to crack open the previous motor's case and see what happened to that one. My friend wiggled the piston and noticed the connecting rod wiggled in a way it wasn't supposed to. That may mean something concerning the bearings in that motor or lack of.

Today is a riding day. I shall go do my business and do it on my MaB.

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