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I have been carrying around in a backpack tools, tubes and the ilk, Very heavy but who can deny the utility of tools and tubes when they are needed?

I picked up this Bell Brand bag at Wallmart and this is a very well made bag. I say it is very well made!

The main thing is it holds the heavy duty tube I like so much.

I think there is room for first aid supplies too as well as the odd tools I need such as a slot screw driver for tightening the chain idler.

I found my Co2 unit for inflating tires so I think I can now pump the tire with the air pump to 50 ish PSI and then use the Co2 to push it up to 70 PSI.

So the issue is to have the ability to change that tube, fix that flat and get back on the way!

I didn't photograph the procedure that I used but I had a galvanized strap that is used with lumber (thin and about 7 or 8 inches long by an inch or so) that I used as an inside brace and I bent the ends so I could attach the sides to it as well as the back. I drilled and tapped into the old basket mount and put nylocks on the back as an added hindrance to theft.

It will not be easy to remove this Bell bag that is for sure.

Now I have the emergency tube (think thin) in a separate bag under the seat and now can carry, as well, the spare heavy duty tube and tools without packing it into the back pack.

Slowly the utility of Motor assisted Bicycling is emerging. Some say I worry too much but when I get a flat and can relax about changing it because I also have a reflective vest on board so drivers can see me at night then it all becomes safe and sane. We do get flats especially as the tubes get thin from friction and ware.

I see a utility to MaB-ing that should make for an interesting two years I expect to ride this but we shall see.

So now there is a front bag with heavy duty tube and an emergency tube bag with reflective vest.
Panniers are on the list but I need a set that isn't any longer than a 12 pack of beer. It can hang down with the best but the room on the rack is a 12 pack long.

Tomorrow one way or the other I will make progress on the chain and drive sprocket. My friend is busy I assume.

Maybe the battery case will come for the brake as well.

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