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Balance Buddy Modification
Okay, I found my way to the albums.

I started the "Balance Buddy" modification album.

I just had a fun chat with Scoto- about picking up chick with our MaBs'

So with his Tandem he has a great picker-upper and I too have one but I'll have to limit myself to a more select group.

Right now I have the mock-ed up back end and I must evaluate today before final hardware. I am going out for a night ride w/out motor so I can get a better idea of alignment of the seat with this modification and actually peddling it a distance.

I've been off of the bike since the first engine had a failure so this is the time to get out, ride and feel the bike motor-less with the new modification. So far I am better aware of the feel of the tires after an alley way ride.

To be clear this "Balance Buddy" is a structural modification to the whole tail end and includes the seat. It also happens to be a bit humorous since it traditionally a "child's accessory."
If I am to have panniers on and I want to protect the rear light unit assembly the Balance Buddy adds function in just the "bike" sense alone. It also, if my structural assembly holds up as i envision it might, then there is a possible Tow Capability.

BUT!! I am already planning the tow hitch so this tow capability is human in two ways. someone could hang but also it adds a hand lift spot that I will use daily.


All this is projected. I hope it holds up but as they say do or die and trial and error is the ultimate teacher.

The General layout.

I purchased a rear kick-stand and saw that it used a bracket attach that looked good and worked well.
Later I picked up a couple of brackets minus the kick stand and have assembled an opposing bracket to the drive side kick-stand.
To that I have attached the the 'Balance Buddy."
Then on up to the Schwinn Book Rack and some local fab of some 1" stock.

It's complex and I have my hopes up.

AND it's good to share!

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