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I have ordered the SPB's front mount so it will take a few days but today's modification is something associated with helping children ride a bicycle for the first times; the Balance Buddy.

My friend Dale pointed out the swing tail book rack moved too much and that I should consider panniers. Well with panniers I think having the down bars of a rear book rack aid in keeping the panniers out of the rear chains and wheel.
Then there is the rear end I have built up.


Everything seems to "flow" and you can see the "bolt holes" in the bracket that holds the light unit.

Now on this "Balance Buddy" I hope the local bike shop has another rear kickstand since I will count on the mount for it to offer me an attach point for the "balance buddy" on both sides of the bike.

So I will get that kick stand and hit up the hardware store again. I think bending some all-thread will be part of the upper mounting brackets. I don't have an exact plan on that.

Well by sun down I hope the balance buddy is on. It will look similar to the "Sissy Bar" of old but this adds more positives than negatives.

1. Adds stability to the rear end and protects the lights from damage if the bike falls over.
2. Allows Panniers to be mounted and limits cargo from sliding too far back on the lights.
3. Allows Bikini wearing roller blade-ers to get a tow easy and classy. (See Below for Example)
4. Allows a single point lift human hand friendly.

So oddly enough this children's learn to ride a bike assist part turns into the piece that rounds out the rear end.

Okay time to head to the hardware store!


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