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Default Re: Ernst from Turllock Ca

Update: With the motor issues in the process of being solved I received my ebay orders from overseas.
One was a simple round led flash light holder and the other was the Maxxon bicycle brake light.

The low bid for the LEZ flash light holder was offset by shipping but it will be useful. The Maxxon on the other hand is worthless as a brake light.

The Maxxon brake light is a fancy motion detector which will light up simply by picking the unit up or going over a bump as you ride your bike with the Maxxon attached as a rear light.

Designed to be a universal no wiring required device it serves as an expensive rear blinker light that warns traffic around you that every time we hit a bump it will look like we are breaking. Do you know the story of the Boy who Cried Wolf?
This Maxxon is useless other than a pretend brake light. It has no idea if the bike is actually braking or not.

So where are the really great brake lights for motorized bicycles?
Simple switched LEDs would be great and some running and braking function would be excellent too.

I found Bluhm Enterprises Brite Lites: Xenon, LED & HID Lighting and they have some products @12V that might do.

I am happy with the LED design of the Maxxon. Maybe I can hard-wire the LEDs to a switch and just deal with it as a expensive dumb-controller?

I'm open to other ideas including soldering together a home made unit.

I like the safety of a brake light! Especially at night!

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