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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Custom fitting the mounts is the best way to go, but I will toss this out to you only as a last resort technique.
Some folks have had good luck with using liquid steel stick (generic name), which is like JB weld only it is a putty. Pack it into the mounts, put a single layer of plastic wrap around the frame tubing and install the engine. Scrape off the excess that squishes out and let the putty dry. Remove the engine to facilitate removal of the plastic wrap.
I cannot recommend doing it this way though unless you have no other alternative.
JB weld, or any kind of "steel" filler putty is just a fancy epoxy with the word steel in it's name. Epoxy is basically a form of plastic so if you do it this way keep an eye on it for cracking or separation from the metal you want it to stick to.
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