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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I'm about half-way through the break-in period on my Grubee Skyhawk 2-stroker, and that first tank of gas pulled me about 50 miles despite fuel leaks, driving too fast, and inefficiencies of a new engine. One thing worth noting, it's really disappointing straight out of the box, and the first time you fire it up, but after that it just gets more fun every day!

Tips I've found...


Get a trunk rack, and trunk box. keep a vise-grip, socket set, bike tools, leftover bits of innertube, fuel line, chain, masterlinks, and thread locker. I've found it useful to carry around nearly enough tools to re-install the motor during the break-in period, just because so much of the assembly hasn't quite settled into place yet.

use that bit of inner-tube to make a gasket for any bicycle or motor components that try to slip around on the frame. Chain tensioner, Front derailleur, both engine brackets.

Replace the fuel line with something about 1/4" for a snugger fit, use hose clamps, and get some gasket sealer for the petcock. Teflon tape disintegrates.
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