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Default Re: Pac Man Clip?

First, you should really make a new topic when asking stuff like that, it's not really related to this thread.

But either way - you need to tighten your clutch.

1. Adjust the clutch lever's camshaft to be tight against the bucking bar (pin/rod at center of motor's drive sprocket).

2. Lock your clutch.

3. Open the largest cover on the motor (right side) and look at the left gear. There's a flower nut and a locking screw. Pull out the locking screw and turn the flower nut CW to tighten it, and CCW to loosen it. You want it tight enough to where it won't slip when you accelerate, but loose enough to where the clutch will disengage so you can idle.

4. To test it, find a hill and accelerate up it. If your clutch keep slipping, tighten it (CW) one notch and try again. Lather rinse and repeat. Next test is to lock the clutch and lift the back wheel off the ground. If the wheel turns at all, you need to loosen it (CCW) one notch and try again. Lather rinse and repeat.
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