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Thumbs down one week old motor wont start

hey everybody, this is my first post here but i've been lurking for a bit. i just got a china motor all set up on my old cruiser last weekend and its been doin good until it died out on me yesterday. its been running great and has been tons of fun so far. it drove fine when i took it to the gas station yesterday morning and it was still good when my uncle took it for a spin later that morning, but when i went to finally leave the house it died out on me about a mile and a half from home. no noises or anything.

my directions recommend using 91 octane gas with a 16:1 mixture for the break in period followed by a 20:1 mixture afterward. i ran the first gallon of gas through it at 16:1 (8oz oil/gallon) with 87 octane. when i topped it off yesterday i used 89 octane instead and just a tad less than 8oz of oil. i doubt the problem is the fuel but the coincidence in timing is odd.
i've checked the spark plug and it sparks. i've checked that all the bolts are tight, there are no air or fuel leaks except for slow oil drip from the exhaust (which i understand is normal when using mixed fuel). i also read that the clutch cable can get too tight and prevent it from engaging, and i checked that. i checked the air filter and its fine. i tried draining the fuel reservoir on the carb. i've checked just about everything that i can think of. the engine still turns over when i pedal and release the clutch but it doesn't fire up. i was able to coax it into starting for a brief moment yesterday while i was tinkering with everything. it got me down the block and the just stopped again without sputtering as it died or anything. i dont think its flooded because i let it sit over night and it was still acting the same this morning. any help would be much appreciated.
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