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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by joabthebugman View Post
Not sure I get the point of your links
I went through them and only found two that referenced cracked frames and they were both about the same bike

the rest were tech questions about which was better the Schwinn or Huffy, with the usual irrelevant smart assed remarks by our resident chinaphobe, or how to take grips off.
One was a testimonial about how crappy the China Girls kits were in general. I guess we should all take that one to heart and stop building these things all together

I did notice a conspicuous lack of mention of any of your approved brands with cracked frame, like say a vintage Rollfast

OK, now this where you launch into your obligatory personal attack and tell me how worthless I am to the forum
I have and absolutely never have launched any such attack ever and never will. Way to silly to me..

You take way to much personnel . My post was a neutral post. I am taking no sides and never have or meant too. I am pickier about what I consider refined more than your buddy. I suppose I said too much aye?

The idea on my part was to simply share. You make it sound like I should be ashamed about my self or something? Whats up with that?

cracked frame - Google Search
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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