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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Most of the old brands were bought up: Schwinn, Mongoose, Roadmaster by Pacific Cycle; Huffy by Russel Corp, etc, and the manufacturing shipped offshore to Taiwan and China. There is a difference between the Taiwanese made bikes and those fabbed in China though, the Taiwanese are much better welders and many might be surprised that the three main bike job shops in Taiwan make a lot of bikes for higher end American badges as well, not just the discount store trade.

Let's face it, people defend what they own because they voted with their wallet. Nobody likes being told how much money to spend. Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, it is what it is. Much depends on the use that people put the bike through. From what I've seen, most MBers don't put a lot of hard miles on their bikes. I know there are exceptions and some will probably want to jump in on that but by and large this is a hobby where a guy with a hundred dollar bike and a hundred fifty kit get to putt around the neighborhood and have some fun when the weather is nice. Hopefully that does not involve any catastrophic failure of structural parts.

However it is certain that the more miles you ride, the more you depend on a bike, the more use you put it through, the more you are going to come to know that either you repair and fix all the time or upgrade to better quality form the outset. All depends on use. There is a reason, and a good one outside of some ego motive that seasoned, long distance cyclists ride good bikes. Go touring for a 3000 mile ride and you'd probably come to that conclusion too.

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