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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Originally Posted by 42blue15 View Post
A lot of the name-brand stuff sold at Wal-mart is a sub-standard quality than what you would get through other channels.

Wal-Mart competes on price alone and they like to have brand-names, but more than that they want the lowest-priced product that looks acceptable--no matter how poor the quality really is.

It's common to associate a name-brand with an expected level of quality, but that doesn't work at big box stores, and especially at Wal-Mart. Many manufacturers agree to produce very low quality-and-price products just for Wal-Mart to sell.
True, to a point. At least with companies like Schwinn or Huffy, you are more likely to get some level of after sale support, ie. they stand behind their warranty. Companies like Kent, claim they offer a warranty, when in fact all they give is lip service.

Another gripe I have with my Kent / Genesis bike is that the "cruiser" seat doesn't have any springs! The seat has what looks like a plastic baffle, which I assumed covered the springs, but in fact is a solid piece of plastic. Just got back from an hour ride and it felt like I was riding a cinder block. Oh, well, add another $30 to the build costs for a better seat.
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