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Default Re: ?????good kit bad kit need help ?????

Originally Posted by racing fan View Post
... I want to know simple like what is the best Chinese motor on the market today...
I know you're hoping for a simple answer, but i'm not sure how simple the answer will be. No engine anywhere is perfect (unless we're talking Rolls or Duesenberg, then maybe). But you can get a reliable one, sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose. Raw and Grubee seem to be your best bets. My research indicates Raw may be inching above Grubee for quality.
Rock Solid might even be beyond them both if you can afford it. As far as the Chinese HT engines, that'll answer your question, but it doesn't help you.

Now, in the event that you get your engine and it proves itself a pain in your butt and a thorn in your side, now what? That's what these vendors to the left and right are here to help you with. I, myself, lucked out: not long ago when I was still green at this, I knew that if anything went wrong I would want a vendor who stood behind what he sold me. And to this day I have never needed the help. My engine has run just fine from about day three (day one & two I was tinkering and tuning, that's why). No real problems as yet. I take that back, the stock spark plug was crap but when I replaced it I was good to go.

Short story: buy from a reputable vendor, use engine as intended, and there will be little need to worry about what could go wrong. The vendors here take care of their customers. Ask around.

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