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I strongly believe there are constitutional issues involved here. The laws are being unequally enforced. My roommate was rear ended by a car at a red light. The driver, who was obviously living in her car, had no driver's license and no insurance; but, the cop let her drive away. Compare that to the story above. In addition I have been informed by a motorcycle cop that a Harley Davidson doing 19 mph in the bike lane is legal. When you factor in the issue of TPD officers are using their personal opinion rather than the letter of the law it is obvious that this law is prime for abuse; I have yet to even hear of an officer getting out of a car to enforce this law they are universally, or near so, on motorcycles (if anyone wants to discuss the phallic nature of a motorcycle and the "mine is bigger than yours" mentality just let me know and I'll send my email address).
If you know an attorney willing to take on a class action suit this is one just waiting to be filed.
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