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Wink Re: Finally built a cruiser

Originally Posted by ratrod View Post
Hi there brokenveloman awsome build i have something similar and never tried the upside down handlebars they look great i will go down that path soon.
let me know if you have locking problems on that rear coaster... i did maybe just a bung wheel to come out during production?
The rear coaster works surprisingly well for a cheap bike. I took the bike to Geelong for the world UCI road championships last year, just as a bit of a joke to try and drag off the fatter guys on carbon road bikes ;-). This was before it had an engine and before the front hub brake.
On one section of the circuit, is a very long down hill. The pro's were doing around 55 mph down it, but as a spectator, I had to ride down the sidewalk with the other plebs, riding the brake the entire way (because of the crowd). By the time I got to the bottom, you could smell the heat from the rear hub! Even after that abuse, it still works great. Sounds like you may just have a dodgy one. Maybe a repack with grease would help.
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