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Default Re: GT4 Starfires banned from the U.S.?

Originally Posted by Frickard View Post
Cool, thanks for that clarification. I wasn't aware of any prior rumor, nor do I have any intention on starting one. My apologies--just out-of-the-know, but now I'm not. Cheers.
Hey no problem Frickard
The rumor that 2 strokes are banned in the US and CA pops up on a regular basis.
Don't believe too much of what these distributors tell you.

I see you are in OC too. Hope to see you on some rides and at the
Willow Springs race of course on June 18th. Are you coming?

If you browse around on Grubees website
Grubee Inc.

2010 StarFire NEWS FLASH FOR USA!!

As of Feb 2011, YuanDong SkyHawk is the only EPA certified 40CFR-1051 supplier via NationWide Access in Van Nuys, Ca. New requirements for 2010 must now have both the US importer on record and the China engine manufacture both involved in EPA certification. Meaning the EPA certification process has changed and now involves the US importer who must now be responsible to EPA and also be responsible for what the engine manufacture does. In the past EPA had no way to legally enforce their rulings at off shore factory locations so in this way they have control by making the USA Importer on Record totally responsible. This can be a good change but without a trusted contracted fiduciary agent in China this process would be unthinkable.
China GAS via Don Grube plays an important role in this process as fiduciary agent and licensed exporter. EPA Certification for bicycle engines can no longer be obtained in China as was done in years past. This new process of having both the engine and importer approved is time consuming and very costly, approx. $25,000 to $30,000 for 190 hour lab test and EPA fees.
To date StarFire JiaLi factory has not gained a WD partner in the USA willing and able to pay the cost of obtaining EPA. This means the StarFire line is open to the first qualifying WD willing and able to perform. We do have a qualified prospect in the wings but it will be a few months before we can know for certain. Let it be clearly understood that No StarFire shipments can go to the USA until 2010 / 2011 EPA certification has been issued.
FYI: All 2010 / 2011 shipments must have a different carburetor and muffler than used in years past. New requirements entail a longer palladium insert in the cat. muffler along with an air shield, a special CNS-YD carburetor and a special fuel line. 4 cost increases!
YES; cost increased substantially with the EPA expense all amortized in.

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