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Default Re: GT4 Starfires banned from the U.S.?

Originally Posted by Frickard View Post
I've been in correspondence with Devrou(Sean from on eBay. His listing for the GT4 Starfires went up in price yesterday and he attributed it to running out of stock. I asked him if he'll be getting anymore in and he said "No, they will never be allowed back in the states since the new EPA laws changed." Does anyone know anything about this? I guess my question is, has Big Brother banned these little motors?
Please do not start this ban rumor again. Your guess is misinformed.

If any company can come up with enough money Don Grubee
will make them the Starfire WD = WholesaleDistributor for the US is presently the US Skyhawk distributor.
The Skyhawks pass the new EPA laws which cost money.

Starfires and Skyhawks are made in different factories.
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