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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Every marina I have heard of sells ethanol free gas. It seems that ethanol blended gas ruins fuel systems in carbureted boat engines. Due to that being a safety factor when a boat is far off shore, the use of ethanol free gas is wholeheartedly encouraged and easily available.
Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
After years of boating all I can to tell you about Boat Marina gas prices is they are usually as much as a $1 or more a gallon than local station prices.
It's that whole 'captive audience' thing.
For some clarity on the boat/ethanol issue, check this: Yamaha Outboard FAQs

I unno about the west coast GearNut, but I can assure you on the east coast that if they tell you it's "ethanol free" at a marina fueling station - they're lying. Most if not all marinas get their fuel from exactly the same trucks that supply the local gas stations - so, if those gas stations don't have ethanol free fuel then the marinas wouldn't have it either - and if the gas stations did have it, you'd obv not need to pay the additional price at the marina heh

KCvale - while yer right about price gouging (if anything it's far worse than a dollar) there is the fact they do have to pay additional transport costs and storage fees (licensing & insurance etc) so... if it was jus' a dollar more I'd be OK w/it... sadly, they really do get ya on that "captive audience" convenience thing... marinas are a total ripoff and should be avoided

Question tho, how many marinas do ya have in Arizona o_O

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