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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Every marina I have heard of sells ethanol free gas. It seems that ethanol blended gas ruins fuel systems in carbureted boat engines. Due to that being a safety factor when a boat is far off shore, the use of ethanol free gas is wholeheartedly encouraged and easily available.
After years of boating all I can to tell you about Boat Marina gas prices is they are usually as much as a $1 or more a gallon than local station prices.
It's that whole 'captive audience' thing.

I got the drive train mounted in my NuVinci Cadillac build today.

Not bad considering the motor and JS kit were still in their boxes when I started this morning I thought. I have never pulled of both parts in a single day before.

Other than the common port matching of the stock intake and exhaust pipes she is just a stock legal 48cc 2010 Skyhawk motor wise.
I must admit I am truly impressed with the bike however.
This is no Wally World Huffy and I don't mean the NuVinci Hub and Disc Brake either, I mean things like the frame, BB, headset, seat, even the tires.

I used Sick Bikes new ver 2 Jackshaft and front mounts and the unit dropped right in almost perfect.

It is level, but I had to use a couple of their included spacers so the right side chain would clear the bottom of the motor or I would have mounted it even lower, but that's OK, there is still plenty of room in the middle.
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