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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

Hey Culver
Great job. I had no idea about this builders forum I love it . Your giving me some real inspration
I guess I will have to break out the tube bender and notcher. Your Quite the fabricator .
Really awsome work . When we were at that bar I wish we could have talked about
fabricating .I had no idea you were into this level of work..I have all these tools but I lost my mojo. After seeing all this . You guy are really getting my juices flowing again. So Thank You All for inspiring me to get off my *** and getting back into the shop again..for awhile I was burned out ..I had to do this for a living when I was building electric stuff for a company called
Hybrid Technologys..Constantly under deadlines To get stuff out for shows and stock holders...It was a nightmear sometime. being under the gun to create thing that were never done befor. nobody to ask questions as it was all new technology at the time.....Flex...

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