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Default Re: Custom Frame For Thumper Motor

Hi Jeff,
Welcome to the frame builders club. Time to start cutting, notching, rolling, etc. I bought that same tube roller with dreams of making my own drop loop down tubes. Found out a few things quickly. As you roll the tube tighter and tighter the ends will start to bend away from each other. What I mean by that is it is next to impossible to roll a ring shape because by the time the ends get near each other they will not meet but will be offset. The less you roll the less the problem. Once you roll a tube lay it flat on the floor and you'll notice the problem. It can be overcome but not without a lot of hard work. Next big problem may or may not affect your build depending on the shape of your finished tubes. It is almost impossilbe to roll into and out of opposing curves without tube deformation. You can't even transition from a curve to a straight with that tube roller without very noticable tube deformation. You'll have to roll beyond what you need, cut back to the end of the bend, then weld a straight (sleeved and plug welded of course) and then finish out the tube by grinding. People can look at one of my drop loop down tubes and see a nice flowing shape with two different radius curves and two straight sections, but all I can say is they have NO IDEA how difficult it is to make a tube like that. On my frames the down tube IS the frame. All the other bends can happen in a tube bender instead of a roller. Keep us posted and hopefully you'll find solutions to these problems. Don't get me wrong here as I don't want to discourage you in any way, just a heads-up with what I discovered with the HF tube roller.

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