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Cool Re: Hello from Arizona

Thanks for the advice. I actually got my bike from M&M and they will do trueing for free since I have their service contract. One of the technicians there actually is a big fan of motorized bicycles and owned one. The guy who sold me the bike also said that motorizing it would not void their repair contract. They just can't work on my kit (no brainer there).

Before I went to M&M though, I took a look at sun 'n spokes and the sales associate there pretty much treated me like I was a moron for wanting to motorize a bike. I realize that bicycles aren't "supposed" to be motorized, but how do you think that stopped the French when they built the first motorized bicycle in 1868? It's like some people think that motorizing bicycles is an abomination, but they don't stop to think that the only reason we have motorcycles today is because somebody had the genius idea of adding a motor to a bicycle almost 150 years ago.
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