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Default Re: Hello from Arizona

Originally Posted by Crono Blades View Post
1. I just took it for it's maiden voyage today and found the choke to be a little finnicky. It's one of those handlebar mounted cable-operated chokes and I have to physically hold it in the open position as it won't stay put.

2. One big question I have though, when I have the clutch disengaged, should the rear wheel still have a lot of resistance when moving?

3. I almost ended up popping the chain off the sprocket because the tensioner was pulling the chain out of alignment.
1. I think your problem is that the black screw on the top of the thumb shifter is not tight enough. When the screw is tight, it will hold the position of the shifter.

2. On new engines the clutch pads will sometimes stick. I've had luck in just truing the wheel over with the chain attached (possibility of braking something) or You might try taking the clutch cover off and try turning it by hand. the clutch cover is tear drop in shape and located on the right side of the engine.

3. The chain tensioner needs to be bent so it matches the chain line. It doesn't need a lot of twist and you should have about a 1/2" of slack on the chain. If the sprocket wasn't mounted true then the chain may pop off like your describing. Also, keep a close eye on it because it might slip into your spokes if not tighten properly. I know from experience .
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