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Default Re: How do I shrink my picture????

Originally Posted by george_n_texas View Post
Take your picture at the smallest resolution that your camera allows...1024 X 768 creates a larger file size than 640 X 480 ect.
That is one school of thought.
Personally I take every pic with my camera set as high as it will go, 4000x3000 for mine. The more pixels you can capture the better.

Then I just let the paint program do the work.

In my case I have been using the free fully functioning non-expiring version version 4.12 of Paint Shop Pro for over a decade for all my picture work.

I have the program for free download and a fully illustrated tutorial of how to take and post really great motorized bike pics here.

KC's Kruisers - Motorized Bike Forum - Pictures for Forum Use made Easy

I figure if you want to show off your work you might as well put as much detail in your pic as you did your bike, and you must admit I make pretty good pics just using PSP.

Then again it helps to have an instant 'photo wall' and good light too ;-}

That mirror is movable and my big glass shop door faces West so I get great natural light there in the afternoon.

Regardless of the program you use you may find my Tutorial on how I take and make pics for forums helpful.
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