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Originally Posted by F_Rod81 View Post
Stay away from BGF. I got 2 MB, one built with a grubee gt5 66cc. The other with a BGF 66cc. Grubee walks on it all day and not a problem yet. The BGF kit has had issues from the start, late shipping, mounting studs break easily, clutch noise is louder, the overall quality compared to the grubee doesn't come close. Unless I got a lemon, in my opinion, spend the extra money and get a grubee (non-cns).
"people will say some are better then others, but then someone says they think it's trash because the one they got wasn't as good."

see my point? these motors seem to have consistency issues making it truly difficult to find out which motors are the best. i have only had a grubee, but i like it, you have a grubee and like it better then your other, a friend of mine from the forums swears a no name brand is by far the best motor and hates grubees.

i don't think boy go fast always has the exact same motor though, wayne's post in that thread he said the newest one was by far the best one, and that it was different then the other 3 he had bought from BGF.
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