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Default Re: Are they supposed to vibrate this much!!!!!

Thanks guys.

I really appreciate the feedback. I know we are talking about two different things here, vibration and how the engine is mounted on the front. These may be related or not.

I am going to order the ubolt setup asap. As soon as I read a couple of you had done that I thought why isn't that arrangement a standard setup.

Yes, the guy used three nuts to make up the clearance between the frame and the front engine mount. It was only a matter of time (less than 6 weeks) before the stress got to be too much and it broke at the lock nut. I replaced it by making a rubber seal so there is a bit of absorption when I am running it. I see this as a very temporary solution (assuming it works, I did last nite and about to run it this morning to see what happens.) until the u bolt mount is installed. If I can figure out a way to reduce the vibration over 20 mph then I will think about the performance aspects. Right now I can run at 27 mph and I feel like I am about to break the sound barrier!

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