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Default Are they supposed to vibrate this much!!!!!

After years of wanting a gas powered bike I finally took the plunge two months ago. I bought a 26" beach cruiser three speed. I specifically wanted a three speed because I still had the fantasy of using it as a bike that I actually peddle once in a while. It has actually worked out okay, even though I had no idea how much friction would still be created when the motor chain is going through the clutch unengaged. For what it is worth, I bought a Firmstrong aluminum frame. Found a guy on Craigs list who was selling a bike and advertised he would put a RAW 49 CC on any bike you deliver to him. I had my Beach Cruiser converted. That was 180 miles ago. I am learning all about the RAW 49 CC, more than I thought, but in an odd way whenever somthing goes wrong I wonder if I can fix it myself. When the clutch cable went, I went back to the guy and he fixed it. I got a leaky fuel tank and the guy replaced that, no problem. The mounting bracket for the front fender broke, I fixed it. This evening I was riding, heard a pop, and then ironically the vibration stopped, (which is really where I am going here) to discover the bolt that attaches the front of the engine to the frame broke at the locking nut. The spacers used between the frame and the engine, (abou and inch and a half) were three large nuts. I replaced them using 20 rubber washers, my thinking being that if the engine has room to move a little, the stress at the head of the bolt won't be as bad since the rubber washes will absorb the shock of going over potholes etc.

The engine is pretty much broken in. I have had the bike up to 27 mph and the thing is vibrating and shaking so much I feel like a human milk shake machine stirring up a bunch of rocks and stones for a rock milk shake! The vibration is herrendous! I am fine up to 19, 20 mph, then after that things get wierd. The seat shakes so much it is almost impossible to sit down on it. I am not looking for speed though I do want to swap out the plug for a high performance one and I understand there is a high performance carb for the engine but I can't find it.

My question is, is there anything that can be done in eliminating the vibration. I hear about these guys that go 35, 40 mph. I can't imagine that without my rig dissintigrating!

Does anyone have any suggestions? better seat?

Look forward to the responses to this.

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