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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by MarkSumpter View Post
FYI to everyone Harbor Freight is having a sale on Nylock nut assortment packs, O rings, electrical connectors and rubber padded tube clamps I just spent 30 bucks and got lotsa good stuff...
Oh you rock Mark! TY

Been cold here and started my daily rider all sweet and Blackenstein like" Pulled rip cord slowly 8 or 12 times softly and she lit right off. Stalled so I yankenked hard and of course cursed. Recoil spring broke. I took it apart, bent it. It promptly broke. So I used a blow torch and bent it with love. Perfect but now my pull cord was a bit limp so put a knot in a bit tighter. Still hangs like a limp bisket.
Go for a ride. Goes well.
Throttle return spring fails and I ride past my house at 3/4 throttle screaming "Ello" thinking it funny and unable to slow down. They waved as I passed. I waved back and aimed for a snow bank.

Just another day.
worst apocalypse ever

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