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Default Re: Overflow re-use?

Originally Posted by Xeno360 View Post
Not sure what an Inline Filter is, I just bought the kit about a week ago and put it all together. Would the carb come like that? Cus its been leaking out the overflow ever since the first time I put gas in it. I thought maybe I had an adjustment wrong. Sorry, I'm not to good with engines! I just wanna have fun using it! lol.

This is the kit I purchased:
GRUBEE SkyHawk GT2B 48cc Slant Head (Standard Finish) Bicycle Engine Kit - GRUBEE SkyHawk GT2B 48cc Slant Head (Standard Finish) Motorized Bicycle Engine Kits

If it is the float I'll have to take a look at it tmrw

The kit should have a screen filter in the tank this is not always enough. I thought all the kits came with a fuel filter too. The rubber hose that feeds the fuel to the carb where actual trash can make its way to the valve seat at the float bowl. This is where you put your filter. Carbs are delicate and need filters they can clog up easily etc.

inline fuel filter - Google Search
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