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Cool Re: Nitrus Oxide or no? + throttle cable fix?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
You should remember that soldering requires an absolutely clean surface. If there is any oil, grease, rust, or anything except clean metal the solder will just bead up and roll off. Clean the cable well before trying to solder. Brake cleaner or any good oil cutting solvent that doesn't leave a residue should work.
I like to use a 1/4" piece of brass tubing, 1/16" inside diameter, for the end instead of relying on just solder...but that's just me.
To right 2Door, my bad... its just that I always clean every thing as a matter of course... I kinda forget I do it.
I like the 1/16" brass tubing + the solder idea, less filing needed. Im gonna use it next time.
Thats why we have a forum, so old goats like us wouldn't forget there heads if they weren't attached at the neck.

I saw a Nitrosized, 2 stroke, 50cc 1980s Honda MB5 custom as a pit bike at Atco Raceway WAAAAAY back when... the bike was a holy terror, It ran the quarter in 13.9 seconds @ 83MPH! with a 105lb chick piloting!
(about the same as 500cc 4 stroke singles of the day!)
The guy hand built its injection system, with hand made jets, custom hard lines, solenoid valves, electric fuel enrichment pump and a 2 pound NO2 bottle, it was really a work of art, I wish I had picks of it.

In the end, as we all know, there is no substitute for cubic inches, compression, a free breathing intake and exhaust system that was built from the get go to belong together.
The rest are just band aides for not doing it right in the first place.

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