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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Had some fun in the Chatroom for a while...(sry, only registered ppl can see that)

Conversation went to Snowbikes, and K-Trax, had to post a couple of HT Ktrax bikes:
YouTube - Newfienorthca's Channel
YouTube - MysticCruisers's Channel

I then brought up Floating HT's, that was novel, so I had to post this pic:
and some Vids to verify I wasn't crazy:

Ride on your bike with a backpack, then assemble and inflate next to the water:
"ShuttleBike Official Vid":
YouTube - Shuttlebike film
ShuttleBike HT Vid:
YouTube - MysticCruisers's Channel

I... then... brought up.... the flying bike subject, with discernibility abound, everyone left...(I'm nuts right?) So this vid was entered for scrutinizing, I know its not an HT, but I think with a Modified Morini and some gearing this would totally be possible for us (crazier)enthusiasts:
YouTube - Incredible Flying Motor Bike...


After that I started to think about submersibles... and whether an engine could run off of an oxygen tank, like scuba but for HT, hah hah.... regulated sealed intake? Why wouldn't that run....?

Even I think I lost it after that,
Here's a pedal submarine, so you(and I) know I'm not totally out of it, heh heh: me Jebas!
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