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Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
What I observed in the past in my time here was that poor farmers ended up with blown motors in their brand new snowmobiles that they have not even begun to pay for yet!! and at first it was argued the oil brand at first it was Sno-Trac and then it was Bluizzard both oils were non synthetic, but what it turned out to be was the gass iol mix ratio that they were using .. they went far beyond the addvise of their manuals....yes that"s right .
The manuals that they REEAAAAAADDDD!!!! not heard but READ whammmo!!!! that's now 100 to nothing!!!! wow oh,....I may add.............
Many companies of high quality Materials DO NOT WANT TO SEE WARRANTY REAPIRS COST THEM MONEY SO they simply want you to READ YOU MANUAL AND INSTRUCTIONS. WOW!!! 100 to nothing CONFIRMED!!!!

ADDITION these sno mos that these POOR FARMERS had statrted at 10 grand and athat was 40 years ago

How on earth does a poor french Canadian farmer afford a brand new snow machine? Riddle me that, Borat.

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