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Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
I heard tht synthetic was good incars for pulling traialers but not on brand new ingeines.
I also heard that it has no viscsity. I also heard that for my engine, it does not lubricate,,, and IIII wonder why????
I heard that it more if of a slippery stuff that sticks to the metal and also fills in the micro spaces of the metal making the suface very very smooth.

WEll in knowing this ,,,III figure that it its also doing that to the cylinder walls and filling in the gaps of that factory hone grind which is important for clyinder lubbercation.

Also I figure that well,, sooner or later that motor is gonna really heat up!!! aaand it dont matter what u got on there now!!! that motor has to cool properly on a cool down idle period after running under load before turning it off -very important because to remove the addition of latent heat when sudden cooling happens!!!
now ,,with that stuff filling up and cloogging up the micro spaces of the metal,,,,...
...........????????ho'w it gonna cool properly???????

it might be super great for super cold places like this one!!! I wold olve to try as u say, and at that mix ratio , but it better be a motor that i can afford to test on!!!!

Hey buddy, consider not starting every sentence with " I heard" or " I figured." Where did you "hear" those things? How is it you came to some of the conclusions you did, in which you say, you "figured?" By "heard" do you mean that you made it up, or were guessing?

Just curious because it sounds like somebody fed a bull ****t sandwich.
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