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Cool Re: Magizine

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I can not believe I had not thought of that Rebel! lol. Center fold, Hot chicks on cool bikes. Think I am getting old. Was looking at a woman ridding by on a bicycle and carol back handed me on the arm and said; "She is to young for you" I replied that I was looking at her bike. Sad part, I was! snork

Well, would have to give all Conosurs a reason to open to the middle. Be politically correct and all. Do male and female one? Really want it to be family and female builder friendly.

Thinking now, a calender/pin up thing for the centerfold. Really, some thing in good taste and not overly provocative. Playful not "adult" or sexist

Any input?
One pic of "guy junk" and im ripping up my subscription!lol
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