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Default Re: Magizine

Yea Rebel, it's gotta be gender neutral, and family friendly. Their are Women amongst us Not just wives checking up on their Hubbies, haha, high ladies. Unless the center fold is two sided, girl(someones hot wife) on one side, Burly Dan/or Paul on the other side... but the same bike? and its removed before the kids get to it... heh heh

Maybe a coloring page for the munchkins? outlined bike they can color in... dunno, I've read so many father/son stories... Even My Dad got me into this hobby of ours. Maybe once the centerfold's taken out, then there's a page for them to color? Just thinking outloud,

Here's my "Why I ride a motorized bicycle":
K, I've read this over a couple of times from my text file, but I might edit it yet:

Why I ride a Motorized Bicycle:

The first reason I ride a motorized bicycle would be because I'm cheap; or frugal, rather. The cost of setting up a kit on a bicycle far outweighs even the cheapest of cars, motorcycles, and even store-bought E-bikes. Most States/Provinces/Territories don't even require insurance or a license(but some do, so check your local laws). So there's mega savings off the top right there, no license and sticker fee's... no insurance fee's.

And with the price of gas, what could sound any better than 120+ mpg?

You don't really need any skills other than 'how to read' and 'how to turn a wrench' to get a kit on your bike and running. Although you might need a wrench or two...

Going 2 or 4 Stroke depends on the initial price of the kit and whether you'll be gassing up at home with mix, or putting $1.25 in at the gas station for the next week.

The second reason I ride a motorized bicycle would be the feeling that "I put that together myself". There's no greater feeling of accomplishment than building your own ride. And let's not forget the customization available, whether it's custom parts, or modifying something to fit better. An M-Bike is never really complete, there's always something to tweak to try to get another ounce of performance out of her. Or to increase comfort, or style... there's really no limit eccept your imagination, and your bank account.

Plus on top of the mobility and speed of the machine, you can still go anywhere a bicycle can go. Like to trail ride? Put on a larger sprocket to get you up the hills and over those tree roots. Need to cruise to work as cheap as possible? Put on a smaller sprocket for higher speed and fuel effiency. Need more performance for either? Add any number of affordable upgrades, from expansion chamber exhausts to shift kits to performance carburators.

There really is no limit to the amount of fun vs. effiency of a motorized bicycle short of paying insurance and pony'ing up the $$ for another toy.

I think that makes sense, I'll keep writing. Y'all should keep writing too, just make a text file somewhere and start writing what you think. After you edit it a few times something decent will come out.

So Dan, should we start pm'ing you with articles? Or how do you want to do this? Just wondering
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