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Default Re: Welder My HF Tig 165-Amp Gifted To Myself Today.

Yes ..2% Tungsten are what you want...get used to using the long backcap on your torch - better balance..Tungsten comes in 7inch you sharpen it enough times it they become the short ones..use them with the short backcaps when you need to in tight places...The more you sharpen a tungsten the more contaminated it becomes depending on where you sharpen a cheep i1inch belt sander or disk sander for your bench...use the abrasive disk or belt only to sharpen your tungstens and take it off..use another disk or belt for other things....Pure tungsten is only used for Aluminum so that is not what you want at this time. Make sure you get the 2%..get a box of 3/32 from the welding supply will work for anything on a bike ...sharpen the end with a short taper for the heavy stuff and a long taper for the lighter gauge

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