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Thumbs up Re: Welder My HF Tig 165-Amp Gifted To Myself Today.

Originally Posted by flybytaco View Post
Crazy, I got a little guide for ya on amps 22 gua 10 to 30 amps 1/16" 30 to 60 amp, 1/8 60 to 120 amp, 3/16" 120 to 165 amps. I also like to use 1/16" 2% thoriated tungstens for light stuff up to1/8 and 3/32" for anything up to 3/16'" anchor makes good tungstens I'm not sure where to get the short ones my torch hold 7 inch tungstens i know the hf takes the short ones..
Cool info Taco much appreciated, I'll be adding the foot pedal to this machine, and probably gonna get another torch for it as well.

*Special note while looking this Tig Machine over I noticed the male gas fitting on the back is 9/16 -18. This is something I'm gonna have to rig up to work. ideally I would like to have an adapter that fits to my existing regulator and hose, the regulator is a victor Hrf 1425-580.

Here's the answer, the fitting on the Victor regulators that adapt the 9/16-18 Male "B" fitting to 5/8-18 Female. Inert gas is a Victor #0911-0050 ADAPTOR, 9/16-18 RH(F) X 5/8-18 List for $6.98. not a bad price.

For those of you who can afford a welding class, I'd say do it so you'll know what you are getting into.

Welding is like a language if you really want to speak the language, then you must know the alphabet. Your welder if I may say so is your typewriter, by learning the alphabet you'll then be able to speak the language. Where do you go to learn the alphabet, welding class!

That's all I got to say for now!

Thanks again FlyByTaco, Kudo's to you!

Peace Crazy Horse.
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